Student Travel

We are professionals when it comes to handling student groups on educational trip to any country in the world. The trips offered are based on Geography, History, Language, Business studies, Art, Religious Studies, classics, Sports Camps and Tournaments among others.

The history and Geography trips helps students ‘step into the story’ as you visit some of the world’s most captivating historical and geographical sites, helping them to deepen their understanding of the curriculum and drive their desire to learn.

Business trip helps bring the business theories and processes studied in the classroom to life as you go inside some of the world’s finest organizations. A Business Studies Trip will undoubtedly aid students’ understanding of the subject and allow them to compare and contrast one business’ strategies with another’s.

Classics gives them an opportunity to discover some of the most interesting classical civilisations as you visit ancient sites throughout Italy and Greece. A Classics Trip can help students understand the links between areas such as town planning, architecture and social structure, as well as better appreciate visions of classical culture which can be found in plays and other works of the time.

We are experts in creating tailor-made international long and short-haul Sports Tours for boys’ and girls’ teams, combining competitive sport fixtures and professional matches with once in a lifetime experiences.
We see our Sports Tours as an essential part of a young sports person’s development and the perfect opportunity to test themselves against international opposition, bond with teammates and develop as a person on and off the field. We of course understand that no two groups are the same; our experienced team will work with you to create an itinerary that’s tailor-made to your team’s specific requirements.
Whether you’re looking for professional coaching, international tournaments, competitive fixtures or memorable excursions, our team’s extensive knowledge of all the destinations we offer will provide the very best itinerary for your group.

Family packages

Bona Holidays has an edge when it comes to creating, packaging and organizing memorable family moments during the holidays. We offer families with options and alternatives that suit their unique requirements.

We offer family packages ranging from, Easter, Xmas Packages, Weekeend & School holiday Packages ), Wedding Anniversaries, Romantic Get-aways , Couples retreats (Destinations –all over Kenya and the World)

Church Tours

We Inspire, Enlighten and Lead!!
With extensive experience of organising group pilgrimages we understand your unique requirements and will use our expert knowledge and experience to help you from start to finish. We offer advice and practical support and always aim to provide a high level of personal service to ensure you and your group get the most out of your journey, both emotionally and spiritually.

Our friendly and efficient team are always willing to tailor-make your itinerary in your chosen destination to your exact requirements. We are proud to offer an inspiring range of carefully crafted and enriching itineraries to get you started. Let us help you plan your perfect pilgrimage.

Faith based destination trips
Fatima, Spain and Lourdes
Prague, salsburg, Viena and Budapest
Fatima, Spain & Lourdes
Greece and the Holyland
Fatima,spain, Lourdes and Medjugorge
Egypt, Israel and Jordan.
Holyland and Italy shrines
Fatima,Spain Loudes &Shrines of Italy

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Why Choose Bona Holidays

Unique Itineraries:
The unique interests and expectations of our guests is our motivation and the desire to satisfy their much eagerly awaited African visit. Therefore we go an extra mile to offer personalized advice and tailor made their itineraries. With great expectations of a safari in Africa we don’t disappoint, we understand it takes our guests savings, time and dedication to travel to Africa that’s we work great lengths to achieve each of guest’s desires. To ensure that our guests have the most memorable travel experience, we spend a considerable amount of time listening to their needs and interests and, based on this understanding, providing informed advice on those properties that from our point of view best fit these needs.
Unique tented camps and lodges
I prefer to call them inimitable or incomparable safari tents and lodges. The tents are spacious, with own verandah, artistic furniture, cast on secluded location to enhance privacy but ensure views of nearby rivers or plains. Some have fire places, double or single beds, nice safari chairs, and lantern lamps to dimly light your tent for a romantic evening and night. All these in selected location, at Ad-Venture Emerald we personally select these lodges and camps, we have spent our time there and when we recommend our visitors there, we know what you will get, we don’t disappoint, and we don’t comprise our standards, we deliver what we promise.
Unique tour guides and mangers:
Without a charming, interactive tour guide a safari can be the most boring expiriecne in Africa. That’s why we carefully select our tour guides, Our tour guides are charming, delightful and certified for the job. They know every animal in detail they guide you through each animal species, from their genre, ecology and funny details, which start like “Did you know that?”
Most our guests bond with our guides, and return guests always ask to travel with the same guide. We get post cards and log emails of guests who recommend their fiends to travel with just to have same the guide take them on a safari. I have often experienced guests who refuse to travel unless a specific guide takes them on a safari. I don’t know why but it’s so amazing. I guess it’s fulfilling the personal touch mission.
Superior Customer Service:
Our staff are always ready to respond to our query, they take you through your safari, they respond to your emails, enquires on time and each query carefully looked through to ensure a comprehensive reply. .
Unique travels:
We do end to end safari arrangements, book flight tickets, arrange for travel insurance, provide a personalized travel guide for your trip, and take care of all your needs in Africa. We have a courtesy vehicle in case of any eventuality to ensure your journey does not stop. Spacious vehicles with pop out roof, with enough lee way to stand and walk around freely. Binoculars for our guests and other extras just to make sure you have a memorable African safari.